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14 Reasons Families Crumble

(And How to Prevent Yours Doing The Same)

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You’ve heard the story before. A wealthy individual leaves a sizable inheritance, and it tears a family apart.

Or seen people that come into a windfall of capital, only to wind up poorer than they were before.

It even has a saying common across many cultures: The Father Builds, His Son Buys, His Son Sells and His Son Begs.

That’s because money doesn’t matter.

I’ve identified dozens of reasons this is such a regular occurrence.

But 14 of them stand out above all.

These are common across every family that fails (or succeeds) in breaking the 3-generation rule.

Through understanding these you will learn:

  • Key improvements to make for your family.
  • Concepts to shift your mindset to think generationally.
  • Crucial systems to put in place that will outlive you.
  • How to prevent the 3-generation rule.

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