Families are more distant now than in all of history.

The worst part is that it has been so gradual and deliberate that many think this is normal.

It’s not.

Throughout history, civilizations have been founded on the connectedness of strong families, and the inheritance of one generation to the next.

You can emulate this in your own family and recapture the closeness your family needs to transcend time and remain connected beyond a couple of generations.

This long term, multi-generational family is called a dynasty.

Your dynasty will create generational wealth to be utilized by future generations.

This isn’t the out-of-reach ‘old money’ the establishment would have you believe…

Generational wealth is relative.

By understanding a set of principles you can secure your family now and for generations to come.

However these principles are scattered and disparate and sometimes hidden inside the heads of people that have already accomplished this.

I’ve spent years studying these concepts, asking awkward questions and figuring out the formula to forge a dynasty.

Of all this I’ve distilled the core concepts to build a legacy family into this course.

You can use these concepts to alter the course of your family, forever.

Through the content provided in Twenty Day Dynasty, you will gain the knowledge to change the trajectory of your family, and descendants forever.

Learn to lay the groundwork for your dynasty, and push back against the pressures of the modern age.

Create a legacy that will sustain your family for generations.

How it Works

Twenty Day Dynasty, as the name implies, is an email course that takes place over 20 days.

Each day you will have a concept emailed directly into your inbox

You will learn about concepts such as:

  • The four categories of capital
  • The power of labelling
  • What it means to be a Founding Father
  • The responsibilities of the Founding Mother
  • Three methods to generate family capital
  • Your Family Council
  • Heirlooms – Material and Memetic

I’ve opted to make this course email for the sake of convenience and digestibility. This prevents overwhelm and gives you time to time to reflect on the concepts.

For just 5-10 minutes reading per day you will get years of concentrated information delivered to your inbox.

In 20 days from now, you will understand all the core concepts and mindsets that are essential to creating a thriving and enduring dynasty.

I look forward to joining you on your journey to forge your dynasty, and leave a legacy your children are proud of.

Thank you from me and my family.

Ben Black

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