This is not a normal finance blog. Dynastus.com is dedicated to educating folks about generational wealth. This entails content on investing, wealth building, family culture and governance, parenting and living an intentional lifestyle.

Through the exploration of this philosophy and content, I hope you find inspiration of the meaning of your happiness, discover goals to pursue and discover purpose you didn’t know you had.

As mentioned, this is not a standard finance blog. We don’t preach a lifestyle in hedonistic individualism and we don’t pander to FIRE(Financial Independence, Retire Early). There is nothing wrong with these pursuits, and you will find content here that will help you on this path, if that is your goal. This is not our focus, however.

Instead we aim to help you take your finances to the next level, create ideas that break the boundaries of a single lifetime and create an empire in which you, and those who come after you can thrive. It won’t be easy, it will be filled with challenges and hard work. But at the end of your journey, you will see the world from the top of the mountain you have not only climbed but built and then conquered. 

To make the journey you will need to start with the end in mind, raise your children with intent and purpose and incorporate strong systems, morals and culture into your family to avoid the dissipation of your wealth in 3 generations.

You will need to understand and build your family’s four main sources of capital; Human, Intellectual, Social and Financial. You will need to create a family constitution, mission statement, create an emblem and epigram, hold regular meetings, and put a system of wealth creation and preservation in place, not to mention everything else in-between.

What is built now will live on in your progeny and theirs after that. The culture you build, heirlooms you preserve, stories you tell, and history you make will all become part of your legacy.

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About The Site’s Owner

Most of the content on this site is written or coordinated by me, Ben. When I was 25 and fed up with the blue-collar life of servitude, I left my wage job in 2015 to pursue an alternative lifestyle, oriented towards finding fulfillment, raising a strong family with my stay-at-home wife and building a legacy beyond just handing down a family name.

I noticed trend among my co-workers and peers where they were getting stuck on the hedonistic treadmill. Living like lazy sheep and whittling their lives and wealth away on short term gratification. Hearing complaints from them all day while they chow down on fast food that costs them hours of pay, use phones that cost them a months wages(or worse, financed) and drive financed vehicles home at the earliest possible time so they don’t miss their favorite shows.

Unlike most, I believe in forging your own path, not following what other ‘gurus’ say or do. Also unlike most, I don’t believe that lazy index investing and purely living below your means is a long term panacea to build and store wealth. This site isn’t for passive sheep to graze in the field, it’s for bulls to take life by the horns with desire to live intentionally. Regardless of your age debt level or circumstances. If you think the wealthy get rich by letting other people manage their money, then I have a bridge to sell you.

I know that through intentional living, and with a little guidance that it’s possible to build a bigger, better, more fulfilling life than average folks think possible, leveraging skills, mind set and work ethic. I’m not mega rich(yet – get used to saying that word), but have done well for myself (imo) and wish the same for others who aren’t afraid of a bit of hard work and planning.

By the time I was 26 I had built my net worth to seven figures, all on a single blue collar income. Today(in 2019) I live mortgage free with enough assets to generate income to last me and my family the rest of our natural lives. But I don’t believe in whittling your days away waiting for the end. Instead I believe in hard work and sacrifice t build a family legacy upon.

So I own a portfolio of businesses and investments that I manage with my stay at home wife. The core of which is a blue collar electrical contracting company.

I can and will teach you how to build a personalized portfolio of businesses and investments through practically applicable advice to provide inter-generational income and security. I will do this through this site’s content, personal coaching and various products and courses I will be building based on your feedback. All the while improving your life and lifestyle, health and wealth of a fraction of the cost it should by societal standards.

If you hope to have a family or already do, through devotion to the Dynastus school of thought you will be able to provide well for them and have more time to spend with them. For example, I was able to take time off off at the time of my daughters birth, all the while I still had an income and my net-worth was still growing.

My journey hasn’t stopped yet and hopefully wont for a long time, I’m still reading, learning, failing and retrying. Everything I learn I’ll write about or summarize and provide for you to learn from. And will continue to do so as long as you keep reading!

More about me:

After leaving high-school, I started a career as an industrial electrician(and still am occasionally). Nobody taught me much about money or personal finance, until the age of 18, I spent everything I had on video games, my car and self indulgence. One day I had a wake up call(which I’ll write about on this blog) that set me straight.

I built my wealth through hard work, delayed-gratification, self-directed investing and frugality. After profusely saving and starting to read some basic investing books, I made my first investment at age 19 and had a rental property by 20. By the age of 26 I had a seven-figure net worth, 8 rental properties and enough to retire on. This site is dedicated to teaching and motivating other blue collar workers(or anybody) to do the same.

Life isn’t meant to be easy, if it ever is, you’re doing it wrong. We are here because all of our ancestors before us gave us the privilege – why should we squander it with hedonism? I’m not against a break from time to time, it’s good for the soul and life isn’t all about work. But if you have the time, you should put it to good use. Just as all of the most wealthy people in the world have done, learn from the school of failure, pick yourself up and grow as a person.

I built everything from scratch, alone. My best friend turned wife and I got married after I had built up enough wealth to secure our future. She now has the opportunity to live as a home-maker and a family woman, a ‘western-society privilege’ that has only really become so recently. We now live in a very modest home with a small mortgage(the mortgage sum is invested in assets which produce more than the payments).

I’m currently focused on building revenue machines and becoming a full time investor while my wife and I raise our daughtel. I promote good living, self control, frugality, entrepreneurship and self directed investing.

Our Chicken Pen Now

My wife and I currently own 3 businesses, a six figure stock portfolio, 2 rentals(I explain why I sold down my rentals in a post on this site) and our own home, which we run our micro-empire from. We grow some of our own food, raise chickens for eggs and live frugally. Our lifestyle and investments will allow us to live in near-perpetuity should we so choose.

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