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Children of the modern day are more tired than ever before.

This is having extremely detrimental effects on their health, development, and brain structure.

Many parents cave in and just let it happen, unaware of the harm that is truly being done.

But fixing these issues isn’t just a matter of getting more sleep.

Sleep quality is also a factor to consider that is dramatically on the decline.

Without restorative sleep, the body and brain will not function properly.

To make up for bad sleep, more stress hormones are released to help keep them awake and ‘functional’, a cycle that if not broken, will only get worse.

This guide will increase sleep quality for your child, improving:

  • Motivation and organization
  • Sociability
  • Impulse Control
  • Memory and academic performance
  • Frustration tolerance and irritability
  • Lower hormonal stress accumulation

Best of all, it will help with your child’s brain development so they can have greater opportunities in life.

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