If you can't see where you're going...

Your Family Will Stay Lost.

Become a Founding Father and create a Family Vision before you turn into another forgotten one.

Your Family Vision is a cognitive frame work that instructs your actions & motivates you and your kin while you establish your legacy.

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The modern world has come to accept a lie…

Families are meant to grow apart.

This mentality keeps the average family weak, fractured, and impoverished.

And has created a pattern of ‘nuclear’ (or insular) families with a half life of less than 18 years.

Its Up To You To Break the Pattern

When you create your own vision, you replace the path the elusive ‘they’ have laid out for you.

You can create a mental frame work that guide and instructs your every action.

Turning you into a Founding Father that forges a strong family culture.

And leads your family for generations…even after you have gone.

Create Multigenerational Unity

The only way to ensure your descendants will remain stalwart in the face of a changing world is to unify them across generations.

Form a vision that inspires all of your children, and then theirs, to greatness.

And use it as a framework to lay the foundation that will be built upon for hundreds of years.

Will you become a Founding Father, or another forgotten one?

Your Dynasty starts with you.

What We'll Cover

Here’s what to expect:

Through this guide, you will create the foundational vision that will transform your family into a multigenerational dynasty.


Inspire Your Descendants

Motivate your children and grandchildren to build upon the foundation you lay. Making each generation increasingly successful.

Vision Statement

Create a physical document to hang on your wall as a constant source of inspiration and motivation to guide your family to greater purpose.

You Aren't Alone

Benjamin Black and KidsHi, my name’s Ben Black.

I’m a Founding Father consciously working to forge my family into a generational dynasty.

While helping other men do the same.

After the conception of my daughter, I became obsessed with the difference between the families that last.

And those that don’t.

Invariably the ones that manage to outlive the 3 generation poverty cycle have one thing in common: Unity.

So I made it my mission to uncover the secrets of how families go on to become generational dynasties.

And it turns out…


What does is the culture and systems you consciously & intentionally establish in your lifetime.

The perfect place to begin is in forming a vision of what you want your family to look like under your guidance.

This creates a mental framework that guides, inspires and motivates not only you, but your entire family through your leadership.

No average (and failing) family  became great without a clear vision to steer them.

Break the curse of the modern era.

Steer your family away from mediocrity and into a multi-generational legacy.

Create Your Vision Now

The Sooner You See it, the Sooner it Will Become a Reality.

Forge Your Family Vision



I’ve got you covered.

Why 99c?

I considered making this free as an introduction to The Dynasty Development Kit. But the reality is people care more when they’re financially committed to something. Even if its just 99c. This means the course will have more impact on more people being ‘virtually free’.

Plus, anybody serious about the future of their family surely thinks with children’s future is worth at least 99c.

Is this all I need to create a Dynasty?

It’s a good start.

Your dynasty comes from sustained effort to develop a culture and systems that will stand the test of time.

Your Family Vision is the perfect place to start your journey.

What do you mean by 'Founding Father'?

If your intent is to unify your family across generations and elevate them, then you are a Founding Father (or Founding Mother).

While one day you will hand over the patriarchal (& matriarchal) torch to your son or grandson – you are the first and always will be. 

This is what earns you the irreplicable title of Family Founding Father.

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