Stop listening to guys who only talk about growing on X.

& join men making it happen.

INSTANTLY expand your audience by >150,000 by plugging into our network.

Stop Battling on Alone.

Become part of a Brotherhood of Builders.

Trying to build on X is a slow grind when you don’t have a team to back you.

Every day you put in work and grow a little, but the effort-to-reward ratio just isn’t there.

You need distribution

You’ve tried DMing people..but they leave you on ‘seen’. 

You know you’re putting out good stuff..but you’re not getting enough impressions (and therefore likes/RPs/Comments).

The time you’re putting in..just isn’t growing your audience fast enough.

You want to build a business on X but are struggling to build enough reach & establish authority.

Sound Familiar?

Come and Join A Growing Kingdom of Creators

Gathering Town

Lords of X is a group to help you distribute your content, improve your writing, and learn systems to build fundamental assets for your business.

We’re a premium network of creators (or aspiring ones) working together to make the world a little brighter through our content and businesses.

Join us and get connected to a network of like-minded builders who will support you in your quest to grow.

Benjamin Black and KidsHey, I’m Benjamin Black.

Founding Father of my family.

Former electrician turned content creator, multiple business owner, investor, and entrepreneur.

Creator of the Dynastus Twitter (ok ‘X’) account.

I’ve made the mistakes. Done the experiments. Built the network.

Early on I was battling away on my own and growth was SLOW.

I would spend hours writing, commenting, reaching out, only to grow a little (or not at all) each day.

I’d reach out to guys only to be left on seen. (been there?)

Then I started to experiment, ask questions, take courses and learn all I could.

And got results like this:

This is 1 year as of 2nd of Feb 2024, starting from 417 followers – which took me 2 months to get to.

So as I grew, I built a community to break the pattern, and help other creators spread their message.

With Lords of X, my experience, network, and audience is yours.

Join us, skip the hard part, and stop fighting alone.

Become a Lord of X And Get:​


Expanding library of courses to help you refine your content to increase your impact on the world. ($100s of value & growing)


Meet dozens of other likeminded builders. Creating legacies for their family (or future family) to make the world just a little brighter.
An instant ready-made network saving hundreds of DMs & weeks of grinding away.


Webhosting on our servers, with a templated WordPress install ready for you to link your domain & add your content to. PLUS a pro-tier Elementor page builder. (combined value of around $300/year)

Also Included:

Results from some members:

Thread Results Example

Common Questions

If you’re serious about building on X…

And still having time for your life and family.

This is for you.

We not only save you time in building your reach and network. 

We also offer prebuilt web templates that will save you countless hours of toil.

AND courses that let you skip the hard part and improve your content creation dramatically.

I typically charge anywhere from $600 to $4000/month for my services – depending on what’s required.

But because of economy of scale you won’t pay even close to that.

You get access to all the benefits Lords of X brings for just $47/month.

And we’ll SAVE you time & effort accelerating your journey. Instead of having you spending months feeling like you’re yelling into the ether.

A small investment to save you hundreds of hours and give you exposure to TENS OF THOUSANDS of people.

Plus courses and help to improve your content creation skills.

AND webhosting with a premium page builder that would normally cost you $25/month anyway. 

This makes it a no brainer.

If you can find a better opportunity then take it, you’d be a fool not to.

Even if you only have a little time each day this will dramatically compound your efforts.

Even just 2 minutes a day will give you hours worth of results.

However, like most things you get out what you put in.

The more you participate, talk, and connect the greater the results you’ll get.

If you’re putting in a lot of effort anyway, Lords of X will be the lever that helps you move the world.

At the minimum we ask you participate in sharing other peoples content when you share your own.

This can take as little as 2 minutes a day..

..and will save you dozens of hours of time.

Which dramatically increases your growth beyond anything you can do toiling away alone, or with a couple of buddies.

The more you contribute the faster and greater results you will get.

While we can’t build your entire website for you for our low cost, we can help you build it with our add on services..

..or point you in the right direction to learn.

We facilitate everything through the chat app Discord. 

All that’s required after signing up is the creation of a (free) Discord account, if you don’t have one already.

Once we receive your application it will be manually reviewed.

Then I (Benjamin Black) will reach out to you personally to schedule a time for a call, get you acquainted with the group, and help you grow!

Actually, yes.

While we’re primarily a group of family oriented man, we accept people from parallel niches..

Eg: masculinity/femininity, fitness, philosophy, finance etc.

But if your content doesn’t gel with our conservative values..

Isn’t family friendly..

Or if its NSFW.

Then this is NOT for you.

Then get ready for that to change.

We’ve had guys who battled alone for 6 months to get to 100 followers suddenly grow by 50 in 1 day after joining and continuing to grow.

Likewise we’ve had multiple guys go from low 100’s to >1000 in a few short weeks.

If you want to go from yelling into the void to building authority online in a short span of time, you will benefit greatly from this group.

Then be ready for a life of suffering.

Nobody got anywhere without putting in work (even lottery winners lose it all if they don’t work to keep it).

We only want serious creators that are willing to do the work.

If that isn’t you, then close this page and don’t look back.

Become a Lord of X!

Join the Community





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