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To all Fathers Building online

This Group is For You.

Join Us & Build digital assets to provide for your family

𝕏 is the quickest way to get more clients & customers.

It’s free, fast, and reaches the entire globe.

But without a network of like-minded men engaging with and sharing your content..

You’ll struggle to make meaningful progress on your business.

And waste valuable time you could spend with your family.

Lords of X is the #1 group for family men building online businesses with 𝕏 to become more present providers.

In an Age of Uncertainty...

Build a Brighter Future for Your Family

And forge a foundation for them to build upon.

Our kids need us now more than ever…

But a father who is always working can’t be there for his family.

Your children’s future depends on you.

Your boss won’t remember, or even care how many hours you worked..

But your kids will—and it won’t be a good memory.

I get it. A man has to provide, which often means long hours doing something you don’t love for the people you do, with less time & energy than you know they need from you.

I know, I’ve been there.

But what if there was a better way?

What if you could give your family the time & life they deserve?

You can build a business centered around your knowledge and fueled by your passion.

𝕏 will be the top of your funnel, a digital asset to guide those you want to help into your offers. You can leverage it over & over for all of your creations.

Be it a YouTube Channel, Digital Products & Courses, Physical Goods, Coaching, Podcast, Books, Affiliate links & more.

If you don’t build a brighter tomorrow for your kids, who will?

All roads lead to men taking charge of their family’s future.

Get More Time Back

Create a Business On Your Terms

And build a life for your family most men dream of.

Lords of X is a group for men building empires online using 𝕏.

Does any of this sound familiar?:

I’m sure there’s more you may have on mind, but these are the most common I see.

Inside Lords of X, we help you achieve all of these.

The most powerful asset you can create

Forge a Foundation For Your Children

Building online will change the fate of your family

Benjamin Black and KidsHey, I’m Benjamin Black –  founding father of 3, @Dynatus on 𝕏, creator of multiple digital products, & leader of Lords of X

I once was an industrial electrician, but I felt a deep lack of fulfillment from the work and walked from a 6-figure business to start a new life with my family in rural New Zealand.

After a year off to work my land, and a year spent on a project that went pear-shaped (ask me about it sometime), I was left with a choice..

Do I start something fulfilling, using my cumulative knowledge to help make the world a better place for my children?

Or go and find a job. Always wondering “what-if?”, and likely filled with regret.

I made the choice to build Dynastus.

Now I wake up feeling grateful getting to make a positive influence in the world, helping men make their families stronger.

I get to spend my days working in my office on our property on hours & terms I set. My kids visit me to tell me what they learned or are playing, and have 3 homecooked meals around the table a day with them and my wife, Zoe.

Don’t get me wrong – early on I was battling away on my own and growth was SLOW.

I would spend hours writing, commenting, reaching out, only to grow a little (or not at all) each day.

I’d reach out to guys only to be left on seen.

Then I started to experiment, ask questions, take courses and learn all I could.

And now, I’ve made the mistakes. Done the experiments. Built the network. Made products.

And got results like this:

This is 1 year as of 2nd of Feb 2024, starting from 417 followers – which took me 2 months to get to.

As men, we dream of pursuing our passions, spending time with our kids, and fulfilling our purpose.

But life’s demands often leave little time for creating something meaningful.

Excuses prevent us from starting, but no empire was built on excuses.

But we can find energy for friends or hobbies; why not for building a business that excites you?

With the internet, building a fulfilling business around your knowledge & experience, fueled by your passion is 100% doable, but it requires work and investment in yourself.

If you’re ready to commit to yourself & your family, then you’re in the right place.

Because on your deathbed, you won’t wish you’d played more video games, taken extra vacations, or bought another ‘thing’…

You’ll wish you took intelligent risks, spent time where it mattered, and built a lasting legacy for your children.

Most men awake feeling unfulfilled…

Wishing they had more time & money for their family & building their dreams while making excuses as to why they can’t.

I don’t want this to be you.

With Lords of X, you can build your dreams sooner.

Leverage my knowledge & and a network of likeminded men to grow faster in less time so you can still spend time with your wife & children while you grow your empire.

Leverage Lords of X

Get Everything You Need

An all-in-one toolkit to build your empire


Expanding library of courses to help you refine your content to increase your impact on the world. ($100s of value & growing)


Get your content in front of tens-of thousands of people (even as a small creator), giving you ample opportunity to rapidly expand your audience.


Meet dozens of other likeminded builders. All creating legacies for their family (or future family) to make the world just a little brighter.

Also Included:

join A Lineup of leaders

Make the World Better Together

See for yourself how the gents of Lords of X fare

Thread Results Example

Luke's Journey:

Luke on X
Luke's account on 10th June 2024

He spent two full years building up his following on X and was only at 1200 followers..

That’s only 43 per month!

At this rate, it would have taken Luke 18 more years to get to 10,000 followers! His kids would all be adults by then!

Then he joined Lords of X, and in his 1st month with us he grew by OVER 800.

This is formerly over 1 years worth of effort in around 4 weeks.

Lords of X saved Luke 1 year of his life of grinding away to build his following in his first month with us.

At this rate he’ll have made 8 YEARS of progress by December.

And hit 10,000 followers in 10 months, but it probably won’t even take that long with the compounding effect.

Can you imagine what you could do with 1 year of progress in 1 month?

That’s what is happening to the men inside Lords of X.

Not once but ALL THE TIME.

Luke achieved 67% growth in 4 WEEKS

Or 17x his former rate of growth.

Think of all you could build with that kind of trajectory.

Not to mention the time you’d save that you could spend with your family. Or building other aspects of your business out.

The gents in Lords of X are a brotherhood, supporting one another, sharing strategies, collaborating, & building together.

All while creating digital assets to make a difference in the world.

Joining has made such a large difference, it is altering the course of Luke’s career.

Every single day Lords of X helps its members by opening doors..

Impacting lives..

And SAVING the most precious thing of all..

TIME with your CHILDREN.

& “they” told you you can’t buy more of that lol.

You can spend years trying to make an impact.

And face an uphill struggle as you battle the urge to quit in the face of slow progress.

Or join Lords of X, plug into our audience of over 150,000, gain friends, & accountability..

And be the next success story, like another member, Lincoln:

Imagine being able to compress 1 years worth of goals into a month. 

Then imagine that compounding every single month after that.

What would your life look like after a few years of that?

If building & growing a business for your family is important to you..

Join us & get results like Luke, Lincoln & the rest of the men in Lords of X.

Common Questions

If you’re serious about building on 𝕏…

And still having time for your life and family.

This is for you.

We not only save you time in building your reach and network. 

We also offer prebuilt web templates that will save you countless hours of toil.

AND courses that let you skip the hard part and improve your content creation dramatically.

I typically charge anywhere from $600 to $4000/month for my services – depending on what’s required.

But because of economy of scale you won’t pay even close to that.

You get access to all the benefits Lords of X brings for just $50/month.

And we’ll SAVE you time & effort accelerating your journey. Instead of having you spending months feeling like you’re yelling into the ether.

A small investment to save you hundreds of hours and give you exposure to TENS OF THOUSANDS of people.

Plus courses and help to improve your content creation skills.

AND webhosting with a premium page builder that would normally cost you $25/month anyway. 

This makes it a no brainer.

If you can find a better opportunity then take it, you’d be a fool not to.

Even if you only have a little time each day this will dramatically compound your efforts.

Even just 2 minutes a day will give you hours worth of results.

However, like most things you get out what you put in.

The more you participate, talk, and connect the greater the results you’ll get.

If you’re putting in a lot of effort anyway, Lords of X will be the lever that helps you move the world.

At the minimum we ask you participate in sharing other peoples content when you share your own.

This can take as little as 2 minutes a day..

..and will save you dozens of hours of time.

Which dramatically increases your growth beyond anything you can do toiling away alone, or with a couple of buddies.

The more you contribute the faster and greater results you will get.

While we can’t build your entire website for you for our low cost, we can help you build it with our add on services..

..or point you in the right direction to learn.

We facilitate everything through the chat app Discord. 

All that’s required after signing up is the creation of a (free) Discord account, if you don’t have one already.

Once we receive your application it will be manually reviewed.

Then I (Benjamin Black) will reach out to you personally to schedule a time for a call, get you acquainted with the group, and help you grow!

Actually, yes.

While we’re primarily a group of family oriented man, we accept people from parallel niches..

Eg: masculinity/femininity, fitness, philosophy, finance etc.

But if your content doesn’t gel with our conservative values..

Isn’t family friendly..

Or if its NSFW.

Then this is NOT for you.

Then get ready for that to change.

We’ve had guys who battled alone for 6 months to get to 100 followers suddenly grow by 50 in 1 day after joining and continuing to grow to thousands in short order.

Likewise we’ve had multiple guys go from low 100’s to >1000 in a few short weeks.

If you want to go from yelling into the void to building authority online in a short span of time, you will benefit greatly from this group.

Then be ready for a life of suffering.

Nobody got anywhere without putting in work (even lottery winners lose it all if they don’t work to keep it).

We only want serious men that are willing to do the work.

If that isn’t you, then close this page and don’t look back.

Maybe go lie on the couch or something & always wonder “What if I’d jsut stuck with it?”

Take COntrol of the Fate of Your family

Join the Brotherhood

Build your business & bottom line

Lords of X Membership





2 months free!

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