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Books for adults & children to strengthen your family.

Calibrated Kids (On Amazon)

When you parent, you aren’t just raising your kids, but every single person that descends from your genetics. Forever.

Use this book to make sure your descendants get off to the right start in life. 


A Tale of Two Towns (On Amazon)

Two nobles are granted identical pieces of land, threatened by a dragon attack. Each page turn reveals the impacts of their decisions. Which will earn the right to rule?

A book to teach your children the power of decision making and delayed gratification.


Unleash potential & build a bright future for your children.

Build a Better Brain (Free)

A free guide to give your child the capacity to surpass a naturally brighter child that has their mind impaired by hidden stress factors.

Shaping Stories Formula (Free)

A simple story telling system to peacefully resolve conflicts, teach morals, and bestow family values. 

3 Weeks to Screen-Free Kids (Paid)

Your child’s brain is being drained by devices. 

Phones, TV, consoles, computers, social media, and video games are influencing them more and more – driving them away from you and robbing them of their potential.

This is a complete, step-by-step guide to reset your child’s toxic relationship with electronic devices and tech in just 3 weeks.

There are 2 kinds of kids:

Ones that have their brains scrambled by devices.

And the ones that will rule the world.

Which will yours be?

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