Rescue your child from the brain-draining grip of screens, social media, and video games.


The Screen Time Solution is a complete, step-by-step guide to reset your child's toxic relationship with electronic devices and tech in just 3 weeks.

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Your Child’s Mind is Under Assault

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Your child’s brain is being drained by devices. 

Phones, TV, consoles, computers, social media, and video games are influencing them more and more – driving them away from you and robbing them of their potential.

You see it almost every day. They’re continually distracted, argumentative, unsocial, disorganized, or unmotivated.

Unless it comes to the screen.

Here are some signs your child has a disorganized mind:

  • Low attention span
  • Poor memory
  • Unmotivated/lazy
  • Frustrated easily
  • Age inappropriate tantrums/rages
  • Defiant/oppositional
  • Trouble getting organized on time
  • Bad social skills
  • Argumentative
  • Tired/low energy levels

You can unravel any and all of these in as few as 3 weeks. 

Combining recent scientific revelations in child psychology and modern addiction therapy, 3 Weeks to Screen-Free Kids will guide you step-by-step to repair your child’s brain from the harm caused by electronic device use and reconnect you to them.

Rescue your child from the brain-damaging grip of screens, social media, and video games.

There are 2 kinds of kids:

Ones that have their brains scrambled by devices.

And the ones that will rule the world.

Which will yours be?

Create Dramatic Positive Change in Your Child

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Unblock their Full Potential

Remove the digital shackles and give your child the capacity to surpass a naturally brighter child that has their mind impaired by devices.

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Raise a Successful Child

Watch as your child’s attention span and impulse control rapidly improves. 

Restore healthy brain function and automatically build the skills that lead to success in life.

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Reconnect as a Family

Take away the shield consuming your child’s attention and feeding their mind with poison.

Reconnect with them and enjoy time as a family again – without the glare of a screen.

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Lifelong Solution

With the resources and guides included, you will achieve permanent results for your child.

This isn’t a temporary solution – it will provide lifelong benefits from now and into adulthood.

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Nice to Meet You.

Benjamin Black and Kids

Hey, I’m Ben

I lost my childhood to videogames.

They sapped my confidence, motivation, and sent me down a dark path of minimized potential.

I spent my weekends and school holidays locked away on my own. Countless late nights with the screen glaring in my eyes.

Where I could have been productive, honing skills, making friends, or exploring the world…

I was trapped in a digital dopamine loop, always looking for the next fix, be it digital or otherwise, and making little progress in life.

Realizing the harm being done just on the crest of becoming an adult, I worked to unravel the damage.

With my motivation restored and brain and body in check, I applied myself and went on to become financially independent at age 25. 

In my mid 30s, I am a father of 3, devoted husband, and modern homesteader living in rural New Zealand.

I grew up in the 90s and early 2000s. What was available then was much more rudimentary and unsophisticated than modern devices and media.

Big tech doesn’t care about your child’s well being.

Indeed tech-CEOs often go out of their way to protect their own children while not hesitating to exploit yours – all in the name of profit.

The Children

The grip that technology has on the youth of today is engineered to hijack their brain to generate revenue and get them hooked.

I saw the effect it had on my own children – even in the limited capacity we exposed them to.

So I knew it had to come to an end in the right way.

Without the inhibitions of modern devices my children are thriving, performing at levels of intellect and creativity far outpacing their peers.

Now I want to give your children the advantage I gave myself and my own children.

Work with me through 3 Weeks to Screen-Free Kids and give your children the potential to thrive in a world that treats their attention like a currency.

Boy Reading
Boy Reading


I went in not really sure of the results but just a couple of weeks in but didn’t have anything to lose by trying and I’m flabbergasted in the change in my boys. Not only are they easier to talk to and getting back into soccer, yesterday was the first day in I think years they haven’t even mentioned mine craft or fortnight. Thank you for putting this together Ben.



Father of 2

Ben’s digital detox program had honestly helped regulate my son’s emotional behaviour tremendously, something I didn’t thought I’d even do. Before that he was often experiencing very short attention span and had no interest outside of screens.

Now, he is more attuned emotionally (unless something really excites him), and he finds more alternative activities such as in writing, drawing and also reading, behaviours that I really do enjoy seeing in my son

Thanks Ben, you’re truly a great educator in this space. I hope to learn more from you to positively impact my child more




Bro this has made such a change in my boys attitudes. They can focus like 100x better now. There school work is getting better. Cheers bro 5 stars A+.

Blank PFP/No Face Permission

Kevon Jair


I was really worried about [my daughter] and her phone obsession. When I found out she was texting some boy 4 years older than her I knew I had to do something about it.

I tried grounding her but it didn’t really work. She’d just go right back to the phone after the grounding. Then [my friend] showed me Benjamin Black on Twitter and talking to him I tried screen time solution out.

I followed the course and she has changed so much in just a few weeks. No more shouting in the afternoons and we even cook together some nights!

4 stars from me! (I only wish that you could make it faster!)

*names removed for privacy




Mate I was so sick of my kids always on their phone. I work hard and dont get many days off but when I would get the chance to spend time with them theyd always be on their phone or switch. After your program I finally get to spend some quality time with them. Sometimes they even rush out to see me when I get home. Im not an emotional guy but I choked up a bit the first time that happened. Cheers for putting this together.

Blank PFP/No Face Permission



Ben has proven to be one of the top authority’s is building a strong family. One of the biggest issues facing children today is excessive screen time. There are so many negative impacts to this, and this course is a great tool to correct this problem. It is one of the most comprehensive I’ve seen of it’s kind. It details what happens to your child’s brain with excessive screen usage, and most importantly provides a practical plan for parents to help their children overcome this growing problem. If you purchase this course, you will be thankful, and your children will be much better off.


Jake Montalbano


@JakeMontalbano on X

Thanks for helping with [my child]. 5 star result. He is much better off as a result of your course. He’s calmer and able to entertain themselves while we get work done around the house. Best part is I can get him into bed on time every night so we can have a bit of peaceful downtime. Leaves us way more recharged for tomorrow.

*name removed for privacy

Blank PFP/No Face Permission



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What's Included?

Here’s what you stand to gain:

And that’s just the beginning.

The benefits from just a short commitment of time compound over the course of your child’s life. Increasing in effectiveness as you establish a virtuous cycle of repair and improvement.

Through your efforts your child will gain a greater cognitive capacity, helping them grow to become a competent adult, capable of moderating their habits, and maintaining healthy productivity. 

Ultimately leading to greater success in life.

You have a lot to lose when it comes to your kid’s screen addiction.

This course will empower you to gain a healthy, balanced, and successful life for your child.


Time Saving Resources

Printable and downloadable files to save hours of your time, getting your child's brain healing sooner.

In Depth Lessons

Over 45 in-depth lessons to ensure results for your family.

Custom Answers

Connect with me and get answers tailored to your child's specific situation.

Lifetime Updates

Your one time purchase will unlock lifetime access and unlimited updates.

Screen Free Boy Reading
Screen Free Boy Reading

Fix Your Child's Brain Today

The best time to start was yesterday.
The second best time is now.

3 Weeks To Screen-Free Kids


Have Questions?

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Here are Your Answers.

Are the Results Permanent?

Yes, for the one time upfront effort you will achieve permanent results.

Think of it like a tree. You work to plant it, give it all it needs, then it begins to grow on its own – with only occasional intervention from you to optimize the growth to how you want it.

This course will help you dig the proverbial hole and put the sapling in the ground, providing it with all it needs to get started.

For a small investment of time, you will establish a virtuous cycle of self improvement for your child and release the vicious cycle of electronic stress from devices.

How Do I Know if This is The Right Fit?

An overwhelming number of children are over-exposed to devices. 

Statistically speaking, yours will likely be the same. 

If they’re exhibiting symptoms like the following, then there’s an excellent chance this course will be for you:

  • Low attention span
  • Poor memory
  • Unmotivated/lazy
  • Frustrated easily
  • Age inappropriate tantrums/rages
  • Defiant/oppositional
  • Trouble getting organized on time
  • Bad social skills
  • Argumentative
  • Tired/low energy levels

Likewise, if your child is obsessive over their phone, video games, social media,  if you are struggling to connect with them, or they are choosing their device over you, this course will help you rekindle your relationship.

Will They Ever be Able to Use Screens/Devices Again?

Of course! They will absolutely still be able to use devices. 

You will be equipped with the tools to guide them to moderate their own use.

Through this course you will establish a healthy relationship with technology. They will learn to use them as the tools they should be, instead of being used by big tech for data harvesting and revenue.

I'm Worried About a Negative Reaction From my Child!

If your child has an adverse reaction around not having access to devices it is evidence they desperately need your intervention from this course. 

Doesn’t matter if it’s gaming, computer, social media, their phone, or otherwise – this course will help you minimize that bad reaction, and help them sever their reliance on their device of choice.

What Else do I Need?

Everything you require is inside the course or is a free tool to help you fill in the provided resources. 

A week or two of preparation is advised (with guidance inside) to maximize results.

Not ready to commit to releasing the grip tech has on your child? 

No problem

Just enter your name & email below and I’ll send you a free primer to get you started.

I will also add you to my mailing list and send you further guidance to optimize your child’s brain development and forge your family.

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