Founding Parent Academy

In a world with more connectivity than all of history combined. Our families are more separated than ever.

This disconnection between parents, children and siblings opens the flood gates for a culture non of us ever asked for to take the center stage in our children’s lives.

Retirement homes make more profit than ever, which children and grandchildren are left with less then that parents started with.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

With the advent of modern technology it has never been easier to build a legacy family.

Not only can we use the internet as a tool to help us, instead of a weapon against our children. We also have the advantage of a financial system with assets more accessible than ever to create generational wealth that works for us.

And so I have distilled thousands of hours of research, deep thought, interviews and reading into The Founding Parent Academy.

This is an educational cohort that will lay the complete ground work for turning you into a founding parent and fast track your Dynasty

This Includes:

  • Coverage for you and your spouse.
  • Become a Founding Father (or Founding Mother)
  • Lifetime Access to Distilled Course Material
  • Understand all foundational concepts
  • Help in choosing the method of family wealth building best suited to your situation (NFA)
  • Build a family asset to produce additional income
  • Learn to build strong familial foundations
  • Creation of an heirloom, unique story, and Rite of Passage


  • Emblem, color and Motto, designed by me and drawn by a talented artist (valued at $500 alone)
  • Family Flag design delivered in a file ready to print
  • Direct DM access to me for life
  • Accountability check ins to make sure you’re accomplishing what you want and getting help when you’re stuck
  • Special Discord channel with lifetime access for your group
  • Creation and implementation of systems tailored to your family


There will only be limited places available.

The cohort will only accept those serious about building a strong future for their families.

Register your interest below and forge your dynasty .