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Creating a dynasty is not reserved for the ultra-rich.

Dynastus is a collection of knowledge serving your pursuit of building long term multigenerational families, and ultimately generational wealth.

You can start with the article on the left, a comprehensive piece covering the basics of all subjects. Or you can go to the discovery page to get deeper insights into specific topics.

Leave a legacy your children will be proud of.

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Why Start a Dynasty?

Leave Your Legacy

Leave a legacy your children are proud of. 
The world has changed. We don’t have the inheritance from our family we used to. We have become isolated. It has become harder than any point in recent history to get ahead. Building a legacy creates a foundation for your descendants to build upon. The dynasty you create will make the lives of your descendants more prosperous with each passing generation.

Create Meaning

Regain your sense of purpose.
Creating a dynasty reestablishes meaning in the life of your family members. The intent to leave your bloodline better off with each subsequent generation, with family members working to better themselves and the family. Make effective change in the world by tackling issues multi-generationally instead of trying to get everything done in a single lifetime.

Make A Difference

Fight back against a world rife with creeping communism, a loss of virtue and morals, lowering IQs, war, famine, civil unrest, rising extremism and a slew of other concerns. Creating your dynasty reestablishes the fundamentals that society was built upon. The future lies in the hands of those yet to be born. By parenting well and creating a strong, virtuous family culture with resources to hand down, your dynasty will make the future brighter.

Find Fulfillment

Tight-knit families with a strong sense of culture create happy, confident adults. These adults go on to start families of their own and the cycle continues. Creating a dynasty ensures this cycle will continue further down your bloodline. Too many old people are unwanted, left in retirement homes to die, penniless and rarely visited, instead of surrounded by loved ones. A happy, satisfied family extends through all age groups. Happy people are more productive & live longer, more fulfilling lives.

How Dynasty Creation Works

When you decide to start creating a dynasty, you become a FOUNDING PARENT.

Your dynasty starts with you. You and your spouse become the founding father and founding mother of your dynasty, and the first patriarch and matriarch of many. It is up to you to create the foundation for your bloodline to build from.

You can’t do the same things as everybody else and expect to be any different. If you aren’t a part of a dynasty now, then you can’t do the same as anybody that came before you. The cycle stops with you and starts a new. When you parent, you are parenting all of your descendants to come through the creation of a culture.

This won’t be easy. It takes discipline, study, appreciation of philosophy, understanding of a great many subjects, empathy and sacrifice. But fear not, your are in the right place. The resources here on Dynastus will guide you on your journey.

The rewards are a fulfilling life for you, your children and the descendants you will never even meet, but will know you.

It takes years to build the culture and gather the resources to forge the future of your dynasty and the best time to start is right now.

Creating a dynasty isn’t about creating a fortune to hand over, as the main steam media leads people to believe.

Teach a man to fish he will eat for a life time, but if he teaches his children to fish, and encourages them to teach their own, they will eat for generations.

To create a dynasty you will need to form a family culture that is strong enough to outlive any member of the family. Your family has to have the ability to hand over wealth is various forms between generations, while staying in a state of creation. This takes consistency, great parenting and immense respect for the members of your family. A culture of cooperation and creation is imperative. As soon as your dynasty reaches stasis, is will begin to dissipate.

Creating a dynasty isn’t about getting the fortune ready for your descendants, but getting your descendants ready for the fortune. A fortune doesn’t just come in the form of financial capital, but in skills, cooperation and connections and well.

Family members support each other and work together where possible in a dynasty. This leads to greater accumulation of capital in its various forms which can then be handed over to the next generation.

Having a stay-at-home parent(SAHP) is the single best move you can make towards creating a dynasty and it should be achieved at any cost. A SAHP will keep both founding parents off of the dual-income treadmill and lead towards specialization of effort. This allows the SAHP to create and manage traditions, hand over the family culture and ensure all children are raised well and get a good education.

Your family culture bleeds through into the mission statement your family abides by, you family constitution, the business you form and the company you keep. There’s also an emblem you create, featuring a symbol and colors you choose to represent your dynasty.

Failing to create a culture will ensure the demise of your dynasty. A family filled with disparity and disdain will never last.

With a proper culture in place your family can begin to work towards accumulating resources to establish a dynasty. These come in many forms, but the four primary categories of capital are: Human, Intellectual, Social and Financial.

The order these are listed in is significant. That is the order of importance of these resources. Financial comes last because it has nothing to do with how successful your dynasty will be.

By accumulating resources, you can create and acquire family assets to start your family bank.

With these structures in place you can then work towards establishing your family sanctuary, a physical, cultural mecca that reflects the culture, interests, hobbies and heritage of your family.

These things combined create a parcel of intangible and tangible heirlooms that can be handed down to the next generation.

Whether there are social connections that grant access to business opportunities, knowledge that is handed from parent to child, a culture that is passed to descendants through parenting, or a lump sum of capital that is loaned out to educate the next generation, all of these things empower your dynasty.

Your family is now in business in the most metaphorical sense. And the business of your family is to improve the lives, not the lifestyles of the constituent members. The wealth and opportunities your dynasty forges will be invested to improve both the competency and creativity of your family for generations to come.

Entropy is the enemy here, and the precursor to entropy is stasis. Therefore it’s imperative your family stays in a perpetual state of creation to avoid falling into the hands of your dynasty’s greatest enemy – stasis. Without the culture to keep your family creating, entropy is inevitable.

Creating a dynasty is about getting your descendants ready for the capital they are to receive. Naturally, as already repeated, this comes from the culture you create.

To handle the transmission of wealth, the torch needs to be handed over. First, structures need to be put in place. A family council to handle family decisions needs to be formed.

Along side these a family mission statement will be created with goals and standards the family hopes to maintain. Accompanying this is a constitution containing the laws, boundaries and ambitions of the family. Just like the constitution found in the United states, it must be nigh on impossible to alter.

With these structures in place, successors to the dynasty must be chosen to guide the family. This will be up to you with a lifetime of experience with your family. This couple will become the next patriarch and matriarch of your dynasty, and with the help of the council, will continue to build upon the foundation you have laid.

You have forged your dynasty.

Of course there is a lot of in-between. That is what Dyanstus is here for. To serve you as a resource to forge your dynasty in any way we can.

More About Dynastus

Dynastus was founded by myself, Ben Black, with the intention of helping everyday families forge dynasties of their own.

The research and study that I’ve done of generational wealth has shown a clear pathway for building wealth like the ultra rich. Perhaps not on the same scale, but with a similar effect.

By ultimate hope is to make the world a more stable place by helping individual families garner private power. This is achieved by organization and a connection to ones roots. Those without children or dynasties have little interest in the outcome of humanity. But those with these things have it in their best interest to work towards a brighter future. 

Traditional values are declining. Integrity, virtue and conservatism is being replaced with ignorance, debauchery, hedonism and nihilism. Worse still is that the world is cheering as it slowly burns, it’s nerve endings already seared away. This is clearing the path for communism creeping in, for war, famine, unabashed attacks on western culture, lowering IQs and too many issues to list here – indeed, the future seems bleak. 

The collective effort of the many dynasties that will hopefully form from Dynastus will help fight back against the growing darkness and negativity in the world. The future starts with our children and is handed over to those yet to be born. Let’s work together to create a future worth fighting for.

The site started out as a generic finance blog but has since evolved into so much more. Now, the majority of the content is focused on helping you create the family you need to. This has been achieved this by studying existing families, reading, listening to and watching existing resources, interviewing those I know in both the real and digital world and learning about everything I can. The result is Dynastus; the distilled content of thousands upon thousands of hours of research, thought and experience.

Personally, I spend the majority of my effort working towards creating the foundation of my dynasty. Whether it’s establishing a new revenue stream, managing our investment portfolio, researching for myself and Dynastus or spending quality time with my family, everything I do is for my family and the descendants I know I’ll never meet.

Join this incredible journey and create your dynasty alongside me.

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